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Heat pumps

A heat pump takes energy from outside and transfers it into heat to be circulated around a heating and hot water system. 

Air source uses the temperature of the air with fans and a evaporator while ground source use geothermal warm. There are different advantages to each solution which our team will discuss in depth with you.

heat pumps outside of a home

How our services work

  • Free initial site assessment

  • Design of the system using our design software

  • Installation of the charge points by our specialist engineers

  • DNO application for G99 and notification of G98

  • Handover of smart monitoring tools / app to you

“They explained everything so we were up to speed with how things would work. They took care of the design of the underfloor system. Couldn’t be happier with how things turned out.”.”

Joseph D., Patrick Brompton

Technologies used

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