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Battery storage

Battery storage is a way of storing the excess energy from your solar panels that would otherwise be lost to the grid. This allows you to use the energy when you most need it and therefore reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint. You can also charge up your batteries on a low energy priced tariff at off peak times to use during higher tariff rates. This is know as load shifting.


How our services work

  • Free initial site assessment

  • Design of the system using our design software

  • DNO application for G99/G98

  • Installation of the battery

  • DNO notification 

  • Handover of smart monitoring tools / app to you

solar panels on a barn roof in north yorkshire
“Such a great job by the team. They implemented solar panels on our agricultural sheds and then implemented the battery storage so we can power the farm year round”

Catherine P., Bedale

Technologies used

We have used a range of battery options for our clients. Whilst we always recommend what we believe the best technology is for the job, we always work with your preferences in mind and to your budget.

We often use the following technologies in our client projects:

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