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EV charging 

With the sale of petrol and diesel cars set to end in the UK by 2030, the number of electric cars on the road at same the period will climb to 6.4 million. We’re already seeing the demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging points increase massively as thousands join the EV revolution. We’ve worked for a broad range of clients (from councils to homeowners) to install electrical vehicle charging points.

How our services work

  • Free initial site assessment

  • Design of the system using our design software

  • DNO application if required 

  • Installation of the charge points by our specialist engineers

  • DNO notification 

  • Handover of smart monitoring tools / app to you

“A great job by the Anelec team to support the first electric bin lorries in the north east.”

Stockton Borough Council

Technologies used

We have used a range of EV technology options for our clients. Whilst we always recommend what we believe the best technology is for the job, we always work with your preferences in mind and to your budget.


​We often use the following technologies in our client projects:

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